Sped Up Processing, Version 0.2

Given how BrilliantImagery and some similar software have traditionally worked, every time exposure was ramped and/or a sequence was stabilized, the selected portion of every image in the sequence had to be rendered and this rendering process was where the majority of the processing time has been spent. The result was that even a small change to a single exposure, or a minor tweak to a crop made for a time consuming process. BrilliantImagery has since been changed so that the relevant, underlying, and processed raw data is saved so that, as long as you don't want to change the referenced area of each image, additional runs take minimal time.

Basic Workflow, Version 0.1

Here's a basic tutorial on how to use the BrilliantImagery app along with Adobe Lightroom to edit a timelapse image sequence. In it, we'll go over the basic workflow as well as a few of the features.